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The MSReactor study is an innovative study aiming to develop the tools to monitor memory (cognitive) performance of people with multiple sclerosis (MS) around Australia and internationally. The initial phase of this exciting study is to collect cognitive performance data over time from both people with MS and people without MS. This is important as comparing the results between people with and without MS helps us to understand how accurate the test is.


Cognitive impairment occurs in up to 60% of people with MS, and this can impact on many areas of their lives including finding and maintaining employment, social involvement and daily activities such as bill paying and driving. Currently, the tools (tests) available to rapidly and easily measure cognition regularly over time are limited because the tests are often very long and are not able to be used repeatedly. Current tests also require trained staff to administer – this makes using it impractical and expensive. We therefore need to develop a better test to pick up early changes in memory function in people with MS. This is important because if we can detect memory changes early, we could potentially treat this with better medications or by using rehabilitation strategies.

Participation criteria

Participation in this study will require the following:

What if my performance is declining?

It is very unlikely that your test scores will deteriorate. However, if decline is detected, it’s important to understand what will happen next.

Decline may be in memory or other thinking abilities and it may be just in one type of ability or several. If decline is detected it will lead to a review of all your test results and a recommendation as to what to do next. Usually, you will be asked to repeat the testing under optimal conditions (ie after a good night’s sleep, without distractions, and when you think you are at your best). If this repeat test does not show a return to your prior performance levels, then you will be contacted by a study investigator and asked to consider further options for medical evaluation.

If decline is identified, you will be told of this and you can decide what to do next.

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